Monday, 15 December 2008

Labour and their database obsession

One of the reasons we are against the building of a Big Brother database is that it's wide-open to abuse.
Countries in Europe can have access to details of British drivers via DVLA but we can't access foreign databses.
And Zanu Labour have just signed an agreement which leaves the door even wider open.
Basically, you could be accussed of a crime in the EU and face extradition without any recourse to 'justice'. For instance, a car with a false plate is spotted near a crime scene and hey presto you're winging your way to a foreign court to explain yourself.
You will be branded a criminal and there's sod all you can do about it. Well done to wee Gordon Clown.
Of course the worst aspect to this is to do something perfectly legal in this country (slag off a foreign head of state for instance) - but which is illegal in another country. And, bang, off you go to face a prison sentence. Again, well done to our lawmakers for their understanding of the legal process.
The Telegraph does quite a good piece on it (

** Whilst we are on the subject. Let's leave aside the Government's inability to keep private data private, or deliver a computer system on time or on budget and think again about the system to log every child in the UK.
This is obviously a database by the back door but our worry is that 330,000 people will have access to it. That's 330,000 nosey, bloody-minded civil and public servants snooping around for info on you and your family.
But wait!
The Government have just made clear the figure is closer 480,000 people. And, of course, not one of them will abuse the info or even, God forbid, be a paedo looking for disfunctional families to befriend.
This has disaster written all over it. And as usual with Zanu Labour we haven't voted for it and we haven't debated the merits of it.

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