Tuesday, 2 December 2008

This Damian Green case just won't go away

Leaving aside the fact that the police are a law unto themselves, what are we to make of a top cop investigating how the police behaved in handling the Damian Green case?

The alarm bells must be ringing loud within ZANU Labour because they know they've made a wrong move (and of course it helps that the Home Secretary tells fibs and the Prime Minister remains silent).

The Met's acting commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, says "I am properly concerned about the issues being raised within the continuing debate." Which is his way of saying they hadn't thought it through and that to enter the Commons was a sign of intimidation. If MPs can't conduct their business, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The Speaker, Gorbals Mick is useless. He never letsthe Government be criticised and gave Tony Bliar such an easy ride that he's a disgrace to the position.

Come on boys bring on the vote of no confidence.

The real issue here is that ZANU Labour and their underlings have lost sight of thefact they work for us.

And not, as they think, the population are a distraction from their every day workings. I mean this shower have introduced 3,500 NEW offences since coming to power.

They've managed to criminalise thousands of ordinary, hard working people with their war on the motorist and yet they still don't get it. (And yet proper villians get cautions because to charge them would affect the crime statistics which would make them much worse than they already are).

They've lost most of their party membership and have to offer dodgy dealings to get money in the bank.

They also claim to have created jobs (yes, for migrants) but what they don't say that there are 600,000 more people working for the Government - and these people don't create wealth. They have no idea how to.

Darling's 'daring gamble' with the country's economy will come back to haunt us.
This country is morally bankrupt and it's the fault of Bliar and Mugabe Brown.

We're doomed I tell you, doomed.

Captain Gatso
The Motorists Friend

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