Sunday, 28 December 2008

Zanu Labour 'morally corrupt' claim Bishops

It's taken them a while but five Bishops have now stepped forward to claim that Zanu Labour is 'morally corrupt'.

So, apart from telling us something we didn't already know, what else do they say?

Well, we shouldn't be trying to spend our way out of a recession and the say Labour is 'beguiled' by money (hence anyone with hard cash can buy 'favours' etc etc).

All this is nicely timed since Wee Gordon is about to claim that the recession is going to be a 'test of character'. He's OK with his mega wages and solid gold pension pot.

And especially since no-one has voted for him - anything he says is either a lie or spin.

The IMF have again slagged off our leaders and claim the 2.5% cut in VAT isn't worth anything.

I also meant last week to flag up the Arabs who told Gordon to stick his claims that they need to increase oil production and lower the price up his arse. They said (as most reasonable people do) that fuel prices are expensive here because of the ridiculous amount of tax Labour slap on. As the Arabs said: if you want cheaper fuel to boost the economy then lower pump prices.

Of course, the BBC ignored this and Labour spin their way to another disaster.

Only those who have worked hard and drive a vehicle have anything to fear in the coming weeks and months.

It's going to be a scary ride.

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