Friday, 12 December 2008

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We have had some really good letters from our site visitors recently and I intend to publish them next week.
Like me, they are from professional people angry at the way in which this country is going.
The spread of speed cameras has nothing to do with safety (accidents are increasing and speed - according to the Government is only a factor in less than 5% of accidents) and everything to do with raising cash and monitoring people.
The Government's intentions are always cloudy - take ANPR for instance. It's there to catch unlicensed drivers - but cops panicked when they realised it was colour-blind and was picking up more non-white drivers for offences.
Then they started connecting all of the CCTV systems, including those in supermarkets, and giving them ANPR facilities too.
Then they announce that cameras can recognise people.
How did we get here from speed camera installation? (And the big shame is that the cops weren't interested in running speed cameras until the Government gave them a slice of the revenue and hey presto! we have thousands of cameras appear for 'road safety'.)
This madness has to stop.

Captain Gatso

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