Thursday, 18 December 2008

Boris to scrap entire congestion zone?

This has got be good news. Boris has been asked outright what he intends to do and he's 'brooding' about it.
C'mon fella. I urge you to see sense. We must stop seeing the motorist as a means of raising revenue. If you want to ease congestion you have to encourage people from their vehicles by improving public transport. Stop hitting drivers with more taxes. Most of us need personal transport. It isn't a lifestyle choice.
Livingstone's congestion charge didn't improve traffic flow and became too expensive. It has destroyed businesses and burdened other businesses with unbelievable extra cost.
Remember that congestion is self-regulating. People won't drive if they can't get anywhere. With expensive car parking in city centres (which is so prohibitive it puts many drivers off from driving into them), the only view of congestion charging is that it's obviously anti-car and anti-motorist.

This is how today's Evening Standard reports it:

BORIS JOHNSON is considering scrapping the entire congestion zone to boost the London economy, he announced today.
The Mayor has already said he will get rid of the western extension zone, but has now pledged to look at abolishing the charge covering central London.
When asked about the issue at today's Mayor's Question Time he said he would "brood" on the matter but wanted to be convinced it would not have an adverse effect on congestion.

Captain Gatso

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