Thursday, 11 December 2008

Germany questions UK rescue plan

It's not just me that's seen through wee Gordon Brown's 'financial genius then.
Today we have the Germans stepping into the debate - it's highly unusual for one country to criticise another.
Apparently, Germany's finance minister has strongly criticised Gordon Brown's plans for reviving the UK economy, describing them as a "breathtaking" and "crass". Peer Steinbruck had criticised the UK's decision to cut VAT and raise the national debt to record levels.
I'll say.
Let's get one thing straight - we are the most taxed nation in Europe and it's going to get worse. We are skint, the cupboard is bare and we are leaving our children (and if Gordon has anything to do with it our children's children) a huge burden of debt.
And this from a man who for years has said we shouldn't borrow too much money.
The man is an idiot, a clown, a plastic politician.
One trillion pounds of debt? That's just insane.
So for all you car drivers out there expect to keep paying high taxes for your fuel, road tax and no end of other taxes.
But don't worry - the 600,000 extra civil servants are OK with their gold plated pensions (but not for long fellas!!!) and the police will be 'encouraged' to put up more speed cameras.
People say we are going to hell in a handcart. I say we are already there.


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