Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Speed cameras don't work and oldies are forced from the road

To be filed under the 'tell us something we didn't already know' category.
The Mirror (and Telegraph where I read it) say that two out of five speed cameras are inactive but 'remain on road to scare motorists'
A Met source told the Mirror: "Loads of cameras were put up in the '90s but when new guidelines were set out six or seven years ago about where Gatsos could be put, loads of them didn't meet the criteria. They have been left in place to scare motorists. They have a deterrent effect and encourage safe driving."
Yes, they encourage safe driving in the few yards before the Gatso but they haven't improved road safety at all. These things are pointless and should be removed. Saying they act as a deterrent is just a smokescreen.
Here's another 'great idea' from the powers-that-be.
According to the Daily Mail, 'Motorists to undergo 'fit to drive' health checks every 10 years' would seem to be a good idea. It would get some of the really old drivers who shouldn't be on our roads off them. The notion that you have to tell the DVLA that you are ill isn't working. However, there is a cost to this (and, no doubt, another agency set up to monitor it) and even if it's just £80 there will be a lot of people unprepared to pay. Where will that leave everyone.
Also, this is more personal data going into a database for 400,000+ people to access.
The Mail says motorists will be able to choose whether to take the tests, but risk a criminal record if they are later found to fall short of standards. Hmmm, again it's down to decent people to play the game.
They will have to declare themselves fit to drive every decade, with the option of submitting themselves to the £80 examinations for new physical and mental requirements.
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority is to issue a series of guidelines covering eyesight and reaction times.
It will means that tens of thousands of elderly people could be prevented from getting behind a wheel under the new restrictions. I'm surprised at Zanu Labour. This is a huge dent in their motoring income. Have you thought this one through properly fellas? Or is there something you aren't telling us yet?


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